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DocumentTraditional Education in MicronesiaPh.D. Dissertation. Revised for PDF file pagination, 2008 (1991), 455 pp.
DocumentCarolinian Voyaging in the New MillenniumJournal Article, 2006, 13 pp. [Micronesia]
DocumentSacred Space, Taboo PlaceJournal Article, 2004, 16 pp. [Micronesia]
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DocumentHawaiki Rising: HokuleĎa, Nainoa Thompson, and the Hawaiian RenaissanceBook Review, 2019, 3 pp. [Polynesia & Micronesia]
DocumentSea-Lanes of Antiquity: Canoe Voyaging in the Mariana IslandsPresentation slides at 5th Marianas History Conference, 2021, 51 pp. [Micronesia]
DocumentHomeland Protection in the German Colonies!English translation of German article in 1913 periodical, 2022, 11 pp. [Micronesia & Melanesia]
DocumentThe Magic Hat of Naval CommandersEnglish translation of German article in 2009 Linden Museum (Stuttgart, Germany) exhibition book, 2022, 3 pp. [Micronesia]