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The Lamo Serai Boyz have recorded a truly amazing collection of wonderful electronic melodies based on traditional and popular Micronesian songs from Lamotrek, their home island, and from other neighboring islands in the Federated States of Micronesia.




This program will examine the role of weather in the development of Micronesian island societies from a cultural-historical perspective and investigate the potential devastation to the islands that may result from global warming.

Primarily educational and informative in scope, the issues of ecological sustainability, environmental management, and social effects of apparent sea level rise will be an important part of telling the "story" from the Micronesian point-of-view. This will bring psychological depth and a human dimension to the impact that the weather and the sea have always had on islanders; but more importantly, it will give Micronesians a voice in presenting their concerns regarding the threat that global warming poses to their survival.