Lamotrek Atoll:  Research Film Footage of a Traditional Carolinian Society

196 minutes


Length:  Time in minutes and seconds

Visual:  VHS video, Super 8mm, or 16mm film

Audio:   NO = no sound,  MOS = non-sync sound,  SYNC = snyc sound

Translation:  NO = no translation given,  YES = translation given in English




  A.  Maps                                                 :40 / VHS / MOS / NO

  B.  History of Lamotrek                        4:57 / S8mm / SYNC / YES

  C.  Interviews of people                        9:40 / S8mm / SYNC / YES


  A.  Navigatorâs magic                           2:10 / 16mm / MOS / YES

  B.  Building a canoe                              3:35 / 16mm / MOS / NO

  C.  Divination art

      1.  Bad fortune                                  1:05 / S8mm / SYNC / YES

      2.  Good fortune                               1:12 / 16mm / MOS / NO

  D.  Medicinal art                                   1:75 / 16mm / NO / NO

  E.  Weatherman's magic                       2:25 /  S8mm / SYNC / YES

  F.  Weatherman's initiation rite             1:05 / 16mm / MOS / YES

  G.  Indigenous martial arts

      1.  Standing position                           :25 / 16mm / MOS / NO

      2.  Slow motion study                         :30 / 16mm / NO / NO

      3.  Sitting position                             2:10, S8mm, SYNC, YES

      4.  Slow motion study                         :30, S8mm, NO, NO


  A.  Loom weaving                                1:40, 16mm, MOS, NO

  B.  Making a flower wreath                  1:12, 16mm, MOS, NO

  C.  Canoe house graphics                       :40, 16mm, MOS, NO

  D.  Tatoos

      1.  Sixty year-old man                        :30, S8mm, MOS, NO

      2.  Author receives a tatoo                1:40, S8mm, MOS, NO

      3.  Time-lapse study                            :40, S8mm, MOS, NO

  E.  Handicrafts for export

      1.  Wooden spirit figure                     1:10, 16mm, MOS, NO

      2.  Wooden pig                                    :40, S8mm, SYNC, YES

  F.  Songs

      1.  Sailing song                                  1:30, S8mm, SYNC, YES

      2.  Canoe-hauling chants                   3:00, S8mm, SYNC, YES

      3.  Lullaby song                                   :50, 16mm, MOS, NO

      4.  Women's love songs

         a.  Sitting on public path                 1:15, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         b.  Sitting in taro garden                    :50, S8mm, SYNC, YES

      5.  Hand-clapping song                        :45, S8mm, SYNC, YES

      6.  Funeral song (time lapse)                :45, S8mm, MOS, NO

      7.  Song with guitar
           accompaniment                               :50, S8mm, SYNC, YES

      8.  Kiribati (Gilbertese) song
           with guitar accompaniment           3:00, S8mm, SYNC, NO

      9.  American song with guitar
           accompaniment                               :25, S8mm, SYNC, NO

      10.  Japanese song with
             accompaniment                             :30, 16mm, MOS, NO

  G.  Dances

      1.  Dances to celebrate a large
           catch of bonito

         a.  Dance varieties                          4:00, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         b.  Slow motion study                    2:35, 16mm, NO, NO

      2.  Menâs stick dances

         a.  Practice in canoe house             1:05, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         b.  Practice in front of canoe
              house                                          :25, 16mm, MOS, NO

         c.  Performance on beach               1:20, S8mm, SYNC, NO

      3.  Little boy's "Monkey" dance       1:30, S8mm, SYNC, NO

      4.  Boys imitate a men's dance          1:00, S8mm, SYNC, YES

      5.  Early 20th Century song and
           dance compositions

         a.  Women practice "Marespa"
              (on Catholic Holiday:
              Assumption of Mary)                 2:35, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         b.  Women perform "Marespa"
              (for Catholic Holiday:
              Assumption of Mary)                   :35, S8mm, SYNC, YES

       6.  World War II song and dance

         a.  Women perform "Japanese
              Interpreter" (on Catholic
              Holiday:  Assumption of
              Mary)                                        2:25, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         b.  Men practice "Protective
               Spirits"                                     2:25, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         c.  Men perform "Protective
               Spirits"                                     3:25, S8mm, SYNC, YES

      7.  Post-World War II song
           and dance compositions

         a.  Women perform "American
              Interpreter" (on Catholic
              Holiday: Assumption of
              Mary)                                       1:20, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         b.  Women perform "Song for
               the Bonito Fishermen"
               (on Catholic Holiday:
               Assumption of Mary)               2:15, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         c.  Women perform "Song for
              the Women"
              (on Catholic Holiday:
              Assumption of Mary)                1:40, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         d.  Men and women perform
              "Song for the Chiefs"
              (on Catholic Holiday:
              Assumption of Mary)                2:00, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         e.  Women practice "Song for
              Mary and Jesus"
              (for Christmas)                          3:25, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         f.  Women perform "Song for
              Mary and Jesus"
              (for Christmas)

              (1). Introduction                          :45, S8mm, SYNC, YES

              (2). Details                                1:10, S8mm, NO, NO

      8.  Contemporary song and
           dance compositions

         a.  Young ladies practice
              (for Christmas)                            :50, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         b.  Young ladies practice
              "Song for Lamotrek
              (for Christmas)                          2:25, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         c.  Young ladies practice
              (for Christmas)                          1:25, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         d.  Young ladies practice
              (for Christmas)                            :45, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         e.  Young ladies dance
              (on Christmas)                          2:00, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         f.  Young ladies put on bras
              (on Christmas)                          1:55, S8mm, SYNC, NO

         g.  Young ladies perform
              ãHandsome Faceä
              (on Christmas)                            :30, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         h.  Young girls perform
               (on Catholic Holiday:
               Assumption of Mary)                :40, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         i.  Young girls perform
             "Burning Heart"
              (on Catholic Holiday:
              Assumption of Mary)                1:30, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         j.  Young girls perform
              (on Catholic Holiday:
              Assumption of Mary)                  :55, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         k.  Young ladies perform
              "July 6, 1966" (on
              New Yearâs Day)                     2:15, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         l.  Young ladies perform
             "July 1970" (on
             New Yearâs Day)                      1:00, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         m.  Men observe dancers
               from afar
               (on New Year's Day)              1:25, S8mm, NO, NO

         n.  Young ladies perform
              "E.R.I.C." (on New
              Year's Day)                              1:35, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         o.  Young ladies perform
              "Memory" (on New
              Year's Day)                              2:00, S8mm, SYNC, YES

         p.  Slow motion study
              (on New Year's Day)                 :50, S8mm, NO, NO

         q.  Fast Motion
              (on New Year's Day)               1:35, 16mm, MOS, NO

          r.  Women perform Kiribati
              (Gilbertese) song
              (on New Year's Day)                 :40, S8mm, SYNC, NO

         s.  "Freestyle" dancing to
              Kiribati (Gilbertese) song
              (on New Yearâs Day)               1:05, S8mm, SYNC, NO

         t.  "Rock Band" Skit                      2:30, S8mm, SYNC, YES


  A.  Constructing a house
         (time lapse)                                    4:00, S8mm, MOS, NO

  B.  Constructing a canoe house
         (time lapse)                                    2:30, S8mm, MOS, NO

  C.  Thatching a canoe house

      1.  Men work while women
           prepare food                                1:25, 16mm, MOS, NO

      2.  Time lapse study                         3:15, S8mm, MOS, NO


  A.  Bonito fishing                                4:55, S8mm, SYNC, YES

  B.  Making and using a fish trap          2:50, 16mm, NO, NO

  C.  Underwater fishing                        2:55, 16mm, NO, NO

  D.  Hunting Birds on Falipi
        Island,   Olimarau Atoll                 5:00, S8mm, SYNC, YES

  E.  Catching turtles near  Ulor
        Island, Elato Atoll                          1:15, 16mm, NO, NO

  F.  Turtle Meat

       1.  Chopping off the flippers
            and preparation of fire                 2:00, S8mm, SYNC, NO

       2.  Children tending the fire             1:00, 16mm, NO, NO

       3.  Butchering the turtle                   2:00, S8mm, SYNC, YES

  G.  Distribution of food                        4:15, S8mm, SYNC, YES

  H.  Women working in the
        taro garden                                      1:40, 16mm, NO, NO

  I.  Women preparing food

      1.  Getting water and
           pounding taro                               1:25, 16mm, NO, NO

      2.  Grinding coconut meat                 2:25, S8mm, SYNC, YES

      3.  Making coconut cream                   :50, 16mm, MOS, NO

  J.  Men drinking coconut liquor

      1.  At the canoe house                         :50, S8mm, SYNC, YES

      2.  Time lapse study                           2:25, S8mm, MOS, NO

      3.  ãCoconut liguor fightä skit            2:00, S8mm, SYNC, YES


  A.  Catholic Mass (time lapse)               2:30, S8mm, MOS, NO

  B.  Catholic holiday procession
        (Assumption of Mary)                     1:50, S8mm, MOS, NO

  C.  Funeral

      1.  ãLamentä singing
           (time lapse)                                   1:25, S8mm, MOS, NO

      2.  Burial in cemetary                        3:40, S8mm, MOS, NO

        GRADUATION                           2:00, S8mm, SYNC, YES


  A.  Jumping rope                                  2:00, S8mm, SYNC, NO

  B.  Swinging (slow motion)                 1:40, S8mm, MOS, NO

  C.  Pets                                                   :30, S8mm, MOS, NO

  D.  Paddling canoe                                 :10, 16mm, MOS, NO

       AND TRADE

  A.  Ship contact                                     :25, S8mm, NO, NO

  B.  Exporting copra                              1:45, S8mm, NO, NO

  C.  Two-way radio contact                     :25, S8mm, NO, NO

  D.  Listening to tape cassette                  :50, 16mm, MOS, NO

  E.  Listening to Guam
        radio broadcast                                 :20, S8mm, MOS, NO


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