Wedding Picture

Gypsy Wedding



12 minutes, Color, Sound, 1975

     Gypsy Wedding is part of the longer motion picture, Gypsies: The Other Americans.  This film segment depicts a now rare event in Gypsy (Rom) culture in the United States the marriage of children at the onset of puberty.  The film is narrated by a Gypsy man and woman who tell us about the meaning of the rituals, dances and other events which occurred on this unique occasion.   See Rom Wedding for an ethnographic study of another Gypsy (Rom) wedding that took place 11 years later in 1985.

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Directed and Produced by Eric Metzgar and Penelope Willens in association with the Kalderas Gypsy (Rom) Community of Los Angeles.  Music:  The Gypsy Swans.

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See Gypsies:  The Other Americans which includes this film seqment.


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