Early Foreign Contacts in Micronesia 1521-1885


30 minutes, B/W, Sound, 1978

        Part of the "Micronesian Transitions" videotape series from 1977 to 1983, this program relates the early history of Micronesia using slides, drawings, music, and narration from the perspective of Senior students studying at Xavier High School, Truk (Chuuk).  They interpret the changes that have occurred because of foreign influences and the possible future status of the United States Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.

        This program is of non-broadcast television quality and generally only suitable for academic or research purposes.   It contains video glitches, image imperfections, and sound distortions which are not a product of the copying process but are due to technical limitations in the original edited recording.


Producer:  Xavier High School, Truk.  Director:  Eric Metzgar, Instructor.  Senior Media Class Project:  Peter Anoil, Nickson Bossy, Henchy Bualuay, John S. Deleon, Dennis Gaamed, Peter Halerumal, Ohner Jim, Kris Johnson, Iosta Lodge, Benly Lucios, Manuel Malichog, John Mootmag, Chrispo Orrenges, Jacinta Rickat, Julian Tewasilpiy, and John Waathan.

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